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Periodontal Plastic Surgery


What is periodontal plastic surgery?

These procedures are performed to address aesthetic and functional gum problems. These are typically related to gum deficiencies or excess gum seen when smiling. The aim of these surgical procedures is to provide adequate gum tissue in the correct proportion.

Procedures treating gum deficiencies are generally used to improve the thickness and amount of gums to reduce the risk of further recession and dental sensitivity. In some cases, the surgery can help to cover exposed roots and to improve the lifespan of teeth and dental implants.

The treatment of a gummy smile or short teeth can improve aesthetics and aid in functionality of the teeth, especially when there is too little tooth structure left to put a dental crown on.


Do I need periodontal plastic surgery?

There are multiple reasons for the requirement of periodontal plastic surgery:


  • Recession of gums resulting in sensitivity

  • Too little, thin or poor quality of gums around teeth and implants to promote longevity of teeth and implants

  • Improve the fit of dentures

  • Gummy smile

  • Too little tooth structure left for dental crown placement

If you suspect that you may need periodontal plastic surgery, contact Dr Kotze for a comprehensive oral assessment. After the assessment, Dr Kotze will advise if periodontal plastic surgery is the best way forward, or if other treatments are more appropriate.

How does the procedures work?

For the treatment of gum recession, thin gums and improvement of denture fit, the process involves transferring a small amount of tissue from the palate to the affected area. This will provide an area of thicker and better quality gum that will be easier to maintain and clean. It will also reduce the risk of the recession becoming worse.

For excess gum tissue the procedure involves removing the extra gum tissue and possibly a bit of bone as well to correct the contours and proportions.

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