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Meet Leande

Specialist in Oral Medicine and Periodontics

Periodontists and Oral Medicine specialists are known as the  and plastic surgeons of the mouth. We are specialist dentists that studied further in diagnosis and treatment of disease and defects of the gums and tissues surrounding teeth. We also do specialist implant placement in the aesthetic front area of the mouth and build bone where there is too little for optimal implant placement.

My Story

Meet Leande, an exceptionally skilled and devoted dental professional with a dynamic background. In 2012, she earned her Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BChD) from the prestigious University of Pretoria and continued her journey by completing her community service the following year. Leande's passion for dental care led her to work in both general and pediatric dental practices in 2014, where she gained invaluable experience and honed her skills.


After four years in private practice, Leande was handpicked for a rigorous 4-year full-time specialist training program in Oral Medicine and Periodontics at the University of Pretoria. As a specialist in this field, Leande boasts cutting-edge expertise in diagnosing, preventing, and treating oral diseases that impact the gums and supporting structures of the teeth. She is also a master in dental implant placement and takes a keen interest in diagnosing and managing diseases affecting the soft tissues of the oral cavity. Leande's commitment to excellence and her unwavering dedication to the well-being and comfort of her patients set her apart in the industry.


Outside of her professional life, Leande balances her roles as a loving wife and mother to two beautiful daughters. She has a soft spot for animals, and in her free time, you'll find her lacing up her running shoes or embracing her love for dance in all its forms.


I look forward to treat you.

Pretoria 078 972 2072

Middelburg 013 282 6789

Polokwane 078 972 2702

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