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Dr Leande Kotze

Specialist in Oral Medicine and Periodontics

What we do

Who we are

Periodontists and Oral Medicine specialists are known as the "internal physicians and plastic surgeons" of the mouth. We are specialist dentists that studied further in diagnosis and treatment of disease and defects of the gums and tissues surrounding teeth. We also do specialist implant placement in the aesthetic front area of the mouth and build bone where there is too little for optimal implant placement.

Oral Medicine focuses on diseases of the soft tissues of your mouth that may cause you discomfort and decreased quality of life.


What do we do

Cavity Check

Gum disease

Bleeding, swollen gums and eventual long loose teeth. 

To replace missing teeth, preventing inevitable negative consequences

Diagnosis and management of oral diseases by means of biopsies, small excisions, pharmacologic agents and minor surgical procedures

Treatment of receding gums, gummy smiles and short teeth.


Book your appointment

Pretoria:        - Mendelssohn MED & Suites Floor 1, Suite 3                             431 Mendelssohn str.

                           Waterkloof Glen

Middelburg:     Fountain corner, 32 Dolerite cres,      


Polokwane:      288 Marshall str, Flora park

Pretoria:         078 972 2702

Middelburg:   013 282 6789

Polokwane:    078 972 2702

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